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Originally Posted by Rovman View Post
Man, that f***in sucks.

I am not too proud of my past actions but I too had a car keyed years ago.

I had just bought an S2000 when they came out in 2000'. Had the car for 2 days and some d**kless turd keyed my car from the headlights to the tailights. I was so angry about the whole ordeal that I swore if I ever saw someone keying my car or anyone else's car for that matter, that person was going to pay.

Long story short, about 14 months go by and one day I was walking out of Super Target when I spotted a person walking between some really nice cars where he proceeded to key about 7 cars as he was making his way to the entrance.

Seeing this unfold right in front of me, the past rage built back up and immediately it brought me back to exactly that anger level when my car got keyed. I altered my path to my car to intersect with his path and just as he got close to me and my right side ( as I can throw a right much harder than my left) I focused all my anger into one devastating blow.

Needless to say, I took him off his feet and he landed completely flat on his back, out like a light. Just as I was about to bend down and clue him in as to why he got the s**t knocked out of him. 2 of his friends appeared into view. Apparantly I was so fixated on the guy who keyed the cars that I never noticed his friends walking a few paces behind him watching his handy work. The biggest one asked, "what did you do that for". I told him while pointing to there buddy still on the ground and still knocked out that " this is what happens to people who key cars, you understand". Both his buds replied, Yea sir, I then said " so ya'll clue your buddy in when he wakes up". Then I just turned around , walked to my car, and drove off.

I looked back though the rear view mirror just as I was pulling out of the parking lot to see his buds had got him sitting up.

Needless to say, I am not too proud of my actions but I can assure you that this dude will think twice about keying a car again.