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My week at the ring almost

During my hayday in motor sport back in NZ i was running a Nissan Skyline mainly doing endurance events, My good friend and co-driver for many years Wayne Moore
decided to take up an offer to go to Germany and co-drive in a Suzuki Swift in the 24hr event this was back around 1995, when he came back to my team after the 24hr event you could not stop him going on and on about the track, the traffic, and the super nice people.

Well the next year came around, he had the same drive lined up and suggested that i go with him as there was a drive going with a team that he was familiar with.

The car a VW Polo not a fast car but OK for a first attempt at this super long race, as it happens i declined the invite i could remember the hassle it was driving a slow car from the experience i had with a Mazda Group N car in a Nissan Mobile 500 event.

You simply could not enjoy the race as your eyes were looking more in the rear view mirror than ahead out the window, any way thats another story.

Back to my mate Wayne Moore, he is now up to event number 18 yes he has done this event 18 times not bad for a Kiwi bloke driven Manley VW cars backed by the factory but i see that in 2012 he drove a BMW M3 his car number 215 came 8th in class, not his best result but not to bad.

Now maybe if i had gone with him way back then and drove that crap VW Polo who knows

You can find some interesting comments and stories about Wayne Moore and his 24hr antics on Google , Wayne Moore 24hr ,

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