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That it would, has a lovely tone but I'd wait to pick up a cheap one before cutting it

The drone isn't really a biggy honestly, it's only there when you open the fully throttle up from 2k-ish RPM in a high gear, say 6th on a freeway just to bump up your speed. It's not there when crusing at any speed that I can tell although the exhaust note is louder over all.

I can now hear the pops and gurgles inside the car from time to time if the stereo is off, they are just crazy loud but as it's a coupe and well sound proofed you aren't stuck in the cabin with the exhaust tone like you would be in a hatchback, hence the drone isn't much at all either I guess. I was following one of those new McLaren 12C cars on Sunday, that was extremely loud on idle and gave some nice gurgles but my 1er made it look like a baby in that department, crackling all the way down a hill super loud...I think pedestrians were disappointed that it was my car and not the $$$$$$ supercar.

I'd say stick with your gutted midpipes, the only difference I could tell between N54 and N55 is that the N55 pipes seemed to be less bent. If you want to go louder then cut off that resonator (if that isn't gutted along with the cats); or louder still replace the axle-back with something noisy.

I wonder if an N55 car with PE & resonator delete would be as loud as what I've found?