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Originally Posted by zayzay View Post
then how come some companies like ets, evolution racewerks and active autowerkes are claiming horsepower increases of 20 hp or more?
think of it this way. the car will do things like pull timing if the car isnt able to hit its boost / timing targets and detects things like knock / detonation. timing pull causes dips in power, and the car to run much less smoothly.

this can be caused by excessive heat among other things.

the new more efficient FMIC can lower these air intake temperatures, ensuring that the car gets cooler and denser air to keep temps down and avoid timing corrections.

the most gains will be seen from a tune where the tuner will be able to push the car a little harder and hold more boost to redline because of the more efficient cooling capabilities.

in addition, the consistency gained from the more efficient FMIC is a substantial improvement. this can be seen on the track among other places.