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Originally Posted by doublevanosrc View Post
So today on my new job commute I was behind a construction truck for a few seconds when all the sudden I hear a rock hit the hood of my car. I freaked and punched the gas to pass the truck immediately. Once I got home after a long day I do a brief inspection to find a huge scratch on my hood.

So I was wondering if anyone on here had some experience with that Dr color chip kit, I'm thinking about ordering one. You really can't tell from a distance unless you look closely at the hood, my experience with the OEM touch up kit seems to make it more noticeable with a huge blob mess. I'm leaning at just leaving it how it is since anything short of respraying the whole hood is going to make it worse. Thoughts??
I would try some 3M medium cut rubbing compound with random orbit polisher followed by a polish first. From the photos, it looks like you could remove most if not all of it. I always get jet black, so I've had some experience removing scratches.