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IMO, sort of like what other posters said, it should polish out. I would do it in this order, however:

- clean the panel with a grease-cutting soap like Joy or Dawn to remove wax/sealant. if you can, wipe it down with a 50/50 IPA/water mixture to get the residual chemicals off
- Claybar the area to be polished to remove embedded dirt (which will cause light scratches when you polish
- Polish with a medium cutting polish like the 3m a poster above mentioned using a dual-action polisher such as a Porter cable 7424
- re-seal your panel using a good paint sealant (this gives you that awesome shine)
- let the sealant cure the appropriate time as per the manufacturer's instructions
- wax
- enjoy

luckily for you it looks pretty superficial. good luck, op.

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