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I've got the same issue, car stutters under high load/low rpm or big throttle inputs, then SES light comes on. Runs very rough for a few minutes then power comes back and SES light goes off. Does not happen every time I do a pull. 53,300 miles on the car. Accessport logged it as a misfire in cylinder 3. It has just had the plugs replaced and along with an injector or two (will have to find out which ones; written on paperwork at home). Car is out of warranty now other than the extensions offered under HPFP and turbos. I don't think the injector recall applies to this year car, but the local dealership has already replaced at least one injector under warranty so I'm wondering if that is the problem or a symptom of something else such as carbon buildup. Harumph. I really cant justify installing a new FMIC until this gets sussed out...

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