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Many years ago I had gotten up around 4:30am to prepare for an early morning flight. Whilst sipping on my coffee at home I suddenly heard a cracking sound and people laughing, somewhere outside on the street. This repeated a couple of times so I checked what was going on: a group of twenty-something guys were randomly kicking off side mirrors of parked cars. Clearly drunk after a night out in the posh area. Each one of them 'took care' of a parked car time and time again: kick and laugh. Dreadful act - stomach turning noise.

I called the police and managed to give a precise description. Police arrived fairly quickly but the guys had already dashed off to other streets. So I took my car too and cooperated with the Police in tracking them down in the neighborhood. And indeed they were retrieved. The culprits denied. So as regards proof, that's a 'word against word' situation. The Police asked me if I was willing to identify them, but warned me in advance that they got to report my details in their files if I did (so I would be identifiable by the culprits and their lawyers). The Police added that, without my testimony "those rich spoilt brats" probably would have a good laugh and remain out of touch, and victims might not recover the damage.

So I identified them all with a clear conscience (yep, 100% positive ID) and made a declaration.

Later that day I noticed a police note between all damaged cars (± 15 cars in my street) requesting the car owners to contact the Police related to car vandalism occurred earlier that day. I guess all owners got indemnified.

Never heard anything from this story anymore.

Stood on the fence and did the right thing. But I took a risk of getting myself into (future) trouble. You never know with bad losers. Some people told me that, for your own good, sometimes it's better to steer clear from interfering with trouble. It's ambiguous. Your heart breaks and conscience bites back if you look away, but sometimes that's the choice to make when considering the balance of interests between your personal interests, those of others and values such as righteousness and justice.
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