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Originally Posted by Besh
Hi Bimmer Addicts,

I'm about to order a Maddad Midpipe and I have a question. I currently have a axelback Maddad street series and someone told me it will be to loud if I add that midpipe. I have no plan to put a DP.

I watched alot of video on youtube but no one is running that set up. With all the knowledge on that site I guess someone have answer or the same set up and can tell me if it's going to be too loud for a DD.

Thank you guys

Not too sure if I can offer any shred of help with this Info, but I have the agency power midpipes which are larger slightly in diameter than the stock pipes, as well as they remove the secondary cats. I also have the berk street back axle back as well. With my stock downpipes in, I absolutely love how elegantly Aggressive the car sounds. Quiet at low rpms, but can scream when WOT

With catless downpipes in, the sound is definitely amplified and introduces the slightest bit of drone. Nothing you can't ignore, for my personal taste, but exhaust sound is different for everyone in terms of opinion. I'd have to say if you are not getting downpipes, there will be no reason not to enjoy the sounds your set up provides but if you go with catless downpipes, there may be a slight chance you don't like it depending on how you define drone. I love my set up regardless both catless and catted, I spent nearly $2500 with different exhaust set ups trying to get the sound I wanted. I finally found with with this set up.

I hope this helps!

thanks to MGallop