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I have had GREAT results with Maguiar's scratch x. In fact was in the same boat as you with a scuff yesterday and buffed right out.

If it were me, as a start, i would
-Wash area with car shampoo thoroughly
-Clay bar if funds are ample, skip if not
-Dry with slightly damp microfiber
-Damp polish with scratch x and microfiber
-Damp polish with finer polish and microfiber
-Brief dry polish
-Clean area

Sounds like the 3m stuff could be used in leui of scratch x, both seem like great products. whole ordeal could be fixed up for $10 and you should have this stuff in your repertoire anyway.
at that point it probably wont' be noticeable enough to even care about. if it hasnt gone through the paint you may want to add a small layer of clear just after the wash phase listed above. never needed to do that so not sure how it would work though. the last thing you want to do is go through the paint if it hasnt at this point though.

All of this adds character, don't sweat it. focus on the bigger picture and you will be happier.

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