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What would you NOT change on the 1M!

So, I recently replied to a survey by the ///M guys after purchasing my shirt and along with the other thread on what would you change on the 1M, it got me thinking. Here is what I would NOT change on the 1M. I think these are key items that need to stay.

1. While it should have race car power and throttle response, the 1M should stay with a non-exotic motor.

Motors are so good now that the 1M can be tuned for more power and better response without going into a crazy exotic motor like the V8 M3. There needs to be an ///M car that is reasonably priced and reasonable to maintain for those that actually want to drive it hard. Yes, I love the exotics but there are many out there, the 1M should be entry level. While many hate having the same motor as a 135i, in 10 years when I have a service, parts will be much easier to find.

2. It has to have ///M Full lock diff.

3. It has to have serious brakes.

4. Keep, fixed setting suspension.
Again, lighter, cheaper to maintain and replace. Those that want it stiffer can replaced it without throwing away a brand new set of electronic shocks that cost double the money.

5. No Sunroof.
Like the fixed suspension, at some point you have to commit to performance, even though I love having a sunroof.

6. Bespoke Body
The 1M should not be a 135i with a add-on body kit. The wider sheet metal for the bigger rubber is not only makes it unique but it's functional.

7. Manual gearbox only
There are tons of slushboxes and Dual Clutch automatics. BMW needs to keep one car that is committed to the that has a price of admission..which is that you have to commit your whole body to driving the car! Car manufacturers make Halo cars that are for image and street credentials not just to sell. By keeping the 1M manual only, not any 15 year-old with a learner's permit can climb in and drive one, this is for people that are committed to the whole experience.