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To phrase it differently with a question:
"You might not have considered purchasing (or might not have purchased) the 1M if [COMPLETE]"

For me, back in 2010/2011 the tipping point was the 1M body design. Without those curvy looks, it is very likely that I would still drive my M3, waiting for the M2.

And without the spectacular bulldog stance, I guess the 1M would not have become the commercial success it actually became.

But with all greatness we now (2013) know about the 1M global package (features/specs/merits/performance/price), a 1M 'dressed' with a 135is or 135i body (if technically possible - no 19" wheels) might make me reconsider.

On paper, the 135is is supposed to be the best E82 alternative for the 1M ( But did that model sell like hot cookies too ?
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