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Kind of a big deal

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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post

For me, back in 2010/2011 the tipping point was the 1M body design. Without those curvy looks, it is very likely that I would still drive my M3,


On paper, the 135is is supposed to be the best E82 alternative for the 1M ...
While reading, I thought, that is exactly what tipped it for me; I did like the regular E82 looks, but it was dropped from the candidates list because of not having a locking differential, which is my 1M "Do NOT change".

Originally Posted by nachob View Post

4. Keep, fixed setting suspension.
Again, lighter, cheaper to maintain and replace. Those that want it stiffer can replaced it without throwing away a brand new set of electronic shocks that cost double the money.

5. No Sunroof.
Like the fixed suspension, at some point you have to commit to performance, even though I love having a sunroof.

4. Fixed suspension: I would have liked an EDC option (I guess this belongs in the M2 wannahaves thread) as this would have been the best compromise for anyone who would want even firmer front end, and some passengers that would like more comfort.

5. Sunroof: Personally consider it a big compromise to not have one and often think this is unjustifiably made into a perceived performance issue. Probably only Advevo's lap time might really be influenced. Besides the mythical E30M3 1M ancestor came US standard with a metal sunroof and at least in Europe had a glass sunroof as an option. According to ///M staff, sunroof and EU tow hitch certification were left off for marketing reasons.

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