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Originally Posted by e82m_van View Post
Hey op, I know what sound you are talking about..
I just installed catless downpipes on my car, mated with n55 mids.
It sounds really bad.. around 2100 rpm. it goes like ehhhhnnnnngggggg hahahha lol

Also, I'm the type that likes to drive with my windows open as much as possible. But going completely catless, I don't think I can do it.. which is another reason why I'm planning on putting the oem dps back on.

But here is what I was wondering.
If smell or noise isn't the problem, would you go catless downpipes or catless midpipes?
I just did the same thing.. Kittyless DPs and removed the cats from the mids and welded on a straight pipe... The sound is exactly at around 2100rpm... and also when cold starting, it yells that weird sound for a few secs...
No way I'm getting the cats back on, so my bet is some resonated mids and aftermarket axleback...