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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
I understand your logic and also agree that 60K or more for a 1M in US market seems a bit high especially so because we have seen some members selling their very low mileage mint 1Ms for low 50s just months before.

However, keeping a low production (de facto limited) sports car regardless of second hand market trends is never something I would call "crazy", it is just passion. Plus, you seem to take it for granted that the future M2 will be better than 1M and you base your argument on this assumption which needs a reality check when it happens. IMO it may or not be so, because BMW once again may fall into the trap of trying to please everyone while keeping it distant from bigger M cars and this may result with a high volume selling but not-so-great car. Everything is possible.
I would call it passion, and from economical standpoint crazy as well. You own a rare car that has appreciated since you bought it. Even if the M2 is predicted to flop I'd consider selling.

I'm not trying to start a war - to each his own - I'm just saying if I'm ever lucky enough to own a car and then be able to sell it a few years later for profit it would be a no-brainer.