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Originally Posted by Judge View Post
I would call it passion, and from economical standpoint crazy as well. You own a rare car that has appreciated since you bought it. Even if the M2 is predicted to flop I'd consider selling.

I'm not trying to start a war - to each his own - I'm just saying if I'm ever lucky enough to own a car and then be able to sell it a few years later for profit it would be a no-brainer.
I've had this thought many times, but the question that I always end up at is "what do I replace it with?" I mean once I sell my 1M I have to replace it with something. The problem is that in the $50K-$60K price range there doesn't appear to be a worthy replacement. In fact, this forum is full of owners who have had sports cars that cost double the price of the 1M and that perform better on a track (e.g., 911, GTR), but those owners have consistently picked their 1M as their preferred car.

It's hard for non-owners to understand this, but the 1M just feels "special." You have to spend hours behind the wheel to get what I mean. I won't get into it here, but that kind of feeling can't be replicated easily. So, even though its price may not have changed much from MSRP when new, making a few thousands dollars by selling it now is not worth driving a less fulfilling replacement to me. I'm assuming that's true for most of the current 1M owners.

People looking to buy a used 1M need to forget what the car cost new. It's one of the rare cars for which its original price is not a factor in determining its current value. They need to understand that the first batch of speculators sold their 1Ms a long time ago. The remaining owners are the auto enthusiasts who had been waiting for a car like this for a long time. They aren't going to give it up if there's nothing else out there worthy of replacing it with.
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