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Arrow 514 HP Tuningwerk 1M RS Coupe up close and personal...

The 514hp Tuningwerk 1M Coupe [original thread] was on display BMW's factory run dealership in München. Enjoy my photos...

Here's the original info on the car:

What they've done with the factory 335hp / 332lb-ft N54 engine is given it a ECU tune, modified its turbos, customized cooling system with additional secondary cooler, and replaced factory exhaust with custom titanium exhaust system. This all works to produce 514hp (521PS) and 453 lb-ft torque (614Nm) (from 2800 RPM). Top speed is 186mph.

Its transmission now has a 3.25 ratio (with 3.45 ratio available) and the 1M RS also features a locking differential with a Drexler lock, as well as a new clutch (with a racing clutch offered as an option).

The 1M RS sits on lower and stiffer club sport suspension with optional H&R lightweight stabilizer bars. Braking power is provided by a 370mm big brake kit (with 380mm carbon ceramic brakes option). 19" ATS forged wheels wrapped in Dunlop Super Maxx high performance tires (245/35 front - 285/30 rear) put the power to the ground.

To increase aerodynamics, the GT4 front lip and a rear wing have been added; and to reduce weight, the hood and trunk lids are now carbon fiber. Inside features carbon fiber PolePosition Recaro seats, plastic side windows, and other weight-saving parts.

Pricing for the 1M RS program starts at €119,000 (US$156,500)


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Tuningwerk 1M RS

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