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Originally Posted by cgaulzetti View Post
i just ordered a stripped manual 128i with no options except for the m sport package for the same reasons. i really see it as the last of the real bmws. it's such a great engine- probably one of the best, most bullet proof powerplants ever and in its most evolved form. it'll go for 300,000 miles. honestly, i think these cars are going to be somewhat collectible although i don't care about that. the car is kinda seen as a barbiemobile but it really isn't. it's a real bmw sports coupe- light, refined, n/a slant six, rwd and comfortably seats two and has some useless back seats for the yuppie dog breed of the month or amputees.

i'm coming out of an mustang bullitt-before that i had a r32 that i hated because of the stupid dsg transmission. prior to that i had an e46 m3- that thing was nice- but so big and so heavy and way too fast for how quiet it was....anyway- i think the 128i is pretty perfect.
Thanks for the post -- we're definitely thinking along the same lines.

Sad as it may sound, the 128i may be my last BMW because none of their new products really speak to me. Sure, they produce good numbers, but they're simply not what comes to mind when I think of a proper BMW -- too big, too fat, too detached. Maybe all this makes me sound a crotchety old bastard, but it I know what I like so I'm following my own trail on this one.

I'll be ordering my 128i in about a month. I have the config worked out and I'm excited. Keep us posted on your order progress!