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Originally Posted by Jordan.Howells View Post
Jeez, thanks for being understanding. For your info I was not traveling too close, we were in a queue of traffic and when moving off he slammed on again.
To be honest I don't give a damn what some of you may think, you can all hide behind a post and say what you have to try an be the "Big Man" but at the end of the day your probably just some idiot with no friend who spends all day jerking off over his car seats.
As for the cat, it should have ended up in some kind of burger after what it's cost.
Rant over.
Way to make yourself look like an even bigger idiot. If the driver of the other car slowed down to avoid hitting another human, would that make him an idiot too? It doesn't matter what was in front of him. It could be a squirrel, another car, a plane.. w.e.. It's YOUR responsibility to make sure you have enough room to stop.. therefore you're actually the idiot because the accident is your fault. You're lucky you didn't hurt anyone. Dumbass