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Originally Posted by Sven_Mueller View Post
I am the same way. Driving my car on the interstate at 67 mph until oil temp reaches 200F. This takes during the winter month 10-15 Minutes. Then I go up to 77mph. I do the same with my motorcycle.
I feel the issue is not the oil temp, it is rather the temp of the components. You creat stress if one part of the (for example) cylinder head is hot and the other part is freezing cold. This could also kill the gaskets long term and lead to leakages.
On the other side I know many people the never care about that stuff and the cars are doing just fine. (Even in Germany where you have partially higher speeds).
Hmm, I'll do 70mph on the motorway before the gauge starts moving, as the engine isn't revving that high at 70, and isn't working that hard really. I just don't accelerate fast making the engine really work. Running at middling rpms with low load is probably the best/kindest way to warm the engine up.