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I went looking at a 328 - trading in my leaky falling apart Z3 - they had a 1-series which I didn't even know existed and I bought it. Best car ever owned. The sasles guy said if I was looking for a manual, better jump on it so I did.

I drove a 335 and the 328 - the 335 was much faster, almost too fast - I like having to work for it and believe it or not I don't mind losing at the line every now and then if it makes me learn how to squeak more out of the car.

I'm reminded of an old Twilight Zone episode where Sebastian Cabot plays 'Pip', guardian angel to a criminal who has trouble believing he's made it to heaven. His every wish is granted, and at one point he gets sick of winning all the time and tells Pip that he almost wishes he'd been sent to 'the other place', to which Pip replies, "This IS the other place!"

It's no fun being so far ahead of the game that the challenges, within my daily commute, are lost. Just my opinion.
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