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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
Looks like that dealership might want hire a security guard for the nightshift...

Better solution: get wheel locks.

Getting these is a no-brainer: these protect your car 24/7 against lazy wheel thieves (professional thieves who definitely want to steal your wheels, will get these anyways).

The ones pictured below perfectly fit the 1M (size: M12x1.5) (see:

McGard 27179 sub - Black finish head ("Black Edition") ($40.95 for a set at Tire Rack)
(as other wheel nuts are black too, I got these):
Name:  McGard_BlackEdition.jpg
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McGard 27179 - Chrome finish head ($29.95 for a set at Tire Rack):
Name:  McGard_SilverEdition.jpg
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Click on the penultimate tab "Optional Hardware" of the following link:
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