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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Yes, Luc - you are right. I said October but I meant June!

When I was at Leipzig in September, 2012 - the factory guide there told me they made six or seven special colored 1M's. He couldn't remember exactly. And they were made a few months after the production "officially" ended.
Two were in that green color(only the Green Mamba had the black stripes). He said they made two in yellow (Dakar and another yellow - Speed?) Polaris Silver, and a red and blue one. But the guy was kind of flaky on the details and his BMW knowledge... so I did not put much faith in what he said.

He also said EOP was back in Feb or March, 2012 - but I do not believe that to be the case. But then they built a few special colored cars like the Green Mamba in June.

I can only say when I toured Leipzig (in late Sept) - there were no 1M's being built.

Did I miss something then? How is it this Last one is being delivered at the Welt in Feb 2013? Where was this car from say Sept until now?

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