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Kind of a big deal

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Originally Posted by GAZ 345 View Post
yes the gear knob light does vary with dash lights,i had a look at the loom in the console to see if there was a plug as some body said german spec cars have these but not connected,i could not see any plugs,you would still have to cut the plug off to feed the wires through the gaiter anyway
Now that I have the knob in hand (don't go there!) it shows: the connector can be taken off by removing the individual pins (using a mini screwdriver) The matching opposite male connector is part# 61136925634

Additional reference with picture: Z4 illuminated shift knob with connectors

All needed parts listed on here (first 3 items): Connector parts

using the correct BMW certified color coded wires (fi brand Leoni type FLRY) connected to the nearest dashboard light (using new crimping pins that combine 2 cables on one pin), you could do a neat non-splice retrofit.