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Originally Posted by N54CoupeHP View Post
Hey Dackelone, thanks for the informative DIY, I was looking up the 335i n55 midpipe for my n54 335is but I found three different names under the same part number on realoem. If you have the time could you please tell which part number I need for 335i n55 midpipes? Thanks

I am really not an expert when it comes to 335i's or iS models. I do know that the iS has one of the loudest BMW exhaust notes out there. I think it sounds great.

I suppose you already tried doing the golf T mod, where you pinch off the vacuum lines(on a 335i you have two!) of the rear mufflers. This will keep the rear exhaust mufflers at their loudest out put. Normally they only get that loud at WOT and on cold start.

Looking at a 335i e92 N55 on The N55 has a one piece exhaust system from the main cat on back. While on a 335iS it has a two(three) piece system.

Also you should NOTE(!) for the N55 there are two mid pipe versions. One for 6MT and one for the automatic trans. Which one do you have?

e92, 335iS N54T mid pipe exhaust layout... not the mid pipes come in two parts/pipes.
Name:  335iS__mid_front__239.png
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Name:  335iS_mid_rear___241.png
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Name:  335iS_rear_mufflers___241.png
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e92, 335i N55 mid pipe exhaust layout... all one part!
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N55 mid pipes... on

N55 mid pipes for e92 coupe...

6MT = #18307613660
6AT = #18307615959

Also the N55 mid pipes look to be around $700. Not cheap.

The more I look at the more I think you could just order the 135i N55 mid pipes... cut off the forward sections and use two 60mm clamps (#18307560779) to make up your own custom secondary cat delete!

You want to replace part #1 and #2 in this parts diagram. (don't pay any attention to the lower mid pipe in that diagram. I think that is a diesel mid pipe that some how shows up on the 335i parts ETK.

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