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Yandy, thanks for sharing these cool videos!
A few random thoughts:
  • Great to see you back on track!
  • Awesome video! And I'm not just saying that because you're using my DashWare gauges . Cool that you got the fuel + temp to work, too. What are you using for data acquisition now?
  • Your car is f'n fast! As others have commented, seeing your speedo rocket off like that is crazy.
  • You are one incredibly smooth driver! I've noticed that in all your videos.
  • Pretty good looking line. I don't know that track, but it seems like you could turn in later on some of these and use a bit more track. Looks like your instructor also noted that at one point.

Finally, a minor criticism/suggestion:
As I mentioned above, you're hands down the smoothest driver I've seen in a long time. While this is a fantastic trait and makes you by far a much better driver than me, it also still worries me a little.

I've not watched all your videos yet, but I've watched a whole lot of them and it seems like you never get out of shape. At no point are you making any quick steering corrections or adjustments. Again, this is the sign of a very good, very smooth driver. But it worries me because in your accident video, I saw no sign of correction and reflexes either.

I think you said you do autocross, right? Can you make a cool video like these of you autocrossing? Or if you haven't in a while, can you take your car back to an autocross and post a video?
At autocross speed and with a tight course, hopefully we'll see you "out of shape" more and get a better feel for your reflexes.

Please don't take this as a big criticism or me lecturing you. As I said, you're very likely a much better driver than I ever will be. I'm just still confused by your crash video from month ago and would like to see you practice your reflexes at speeds <100mph