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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
What a waste unless it was a preproduction model already destined for the crusher.
"Art lovers attending an exhibition opening in Bregenz, Austria, recently were treated to an unusual sight: an ensemble of eleven Porsche 911s cast in concrete. Equally impressive was the amount of time and money artist Gottfried Bechtold spent on the work, entitled Elf Elf (“Eleven Eleven”) - 500,000 euros and 8,500 hours over two years.
However, Porsche did offer crucial support by donating the prototype for the casts. After the Carrera S had served its purpose, the artist turned it into an installation of its own. He had it crushed to about one-fifth of its original volume and displayed the cube of metal along with a demijohn containing all the car’s fluids. Thus, although all the “ingredients” of the sports car are still there - even the key is still in the ignition - the “recipe” has been altered irreversibly."

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(PDF document of both pages:,d.d2k&cad=rja)
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