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Just started noticing it on mine too. But my senses are heightened after driving really hard in the canyons this weekend. After one run the car read low oil. Read on the forums that its caused by parking on a slope nose down which i was. Freaked out and drove to the gas station and tested the oil levels and it was fine. Just got an oil change today. Now im just trippin out and hearing all these things. Could it be rod bearings ticking? Sounds sort of like my f30 328i. Just never noticed it on the 1er. Gonna go to the track in a couple weeks and dont want the motor to blow.

This is exactly what happened to my evo and the engine blew on the freeway out of nowhere so as you can imagine im just paranoid right now. Guess i can try some wot runs next time i get on the freeway or accelerate slow and hold gear to test it out. I hope bmw alerts anything fairly early so nothing catastrophic happens. I literally nuetraled it back to the gas station.

Am i hearing things?! Am i paranoid?! Please i need psychiatric help with this issue seriously.