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I'm still struggling a little to understand why having the key close enough to leave the car somewhat "on" results in battery depletion. My 128i sits for several days in a row now and works fine. It does not have CA but I don't see why having the key around would cause a current draw. Was the radio on or something? The battery isn't going to deplete just because the car isn't in "sleep" mode or whatever they call it. It depletes because something with a not insignificant current draw is "on". I wouldn't think the car's computer is enough of a draw.

If the story is effectively that you left the radio on for a week because you left a CA key close enough to the vehicle to leave it "on" I would see the dealer making a case but I also think BMWs with CA are programmed pretty weird. My non-CA turns the accessory outlet off after 30 seconds or so, even if the key is in the ignition. That was a pain when I was using my 12V compressor to air up tires so I got battery clips for it. Powering itself down regardless of the key status is what I would expect. If it did not do that and that is fundimentally what caused the battery to go bad, it sounds like it is really BMWs fault. Either bad programming or a malfunctioning car.

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