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Originally Posted by MteK View Post
Hi - could you please measure the outside diameter of the bushings? I trying to build a DIY removal tool.
Too late, I just finished them...guess I could measure the old ones but frankly, you don't need a removal tool....this has been made too hard by people. It was pretty much a cake walk.

First two pics are obviously the mounted bushings but the third is my removal tool....hahaha...a 22mm 1/2" socket. Between that, a propane torch, a two jacks, it was really easy.

Frankly, based on my car, I don't know why this has been made out to be so hard, a bit time consuming...took me a bit under 4 hours but I was working alone and wasted an extra 45 min on the first side. Second side literally took me 45 minutes total.

Have to wait for the wife to get home to help me finish bleeding the brakes...took it for a short drive but there is still air in the lines as I couldn't get it all out myself.

Immediately notice a difference between stock, not while driving but while installing. When I lowered the first side of the subframe, I had to keep it supported by a jack so it didn't drop too far. When I was lowering the second side, the jack released before getting enough clearance and I had to push down on the subframe to get enough clearance. I'll post the steps next, I didn't take any more pics but this is pretty easy. If somebody local ends up wanting to do it...I'll help and do a detailed DIY.
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