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Originally Posted by DaveSakky135
Yeah i asked the SA why my gas was gone to and all i got was a more excuses like "when its cold the car eats gas". Idk what else to do iv gone all the way up to the GM of the dealership and all they are offering is to fix their mistake for $1000 of my money. I am about to take my AE's out and bring it to another dealership to get a second opinion. How to a file a claim with BMW of NA?
Cant remember exactly how I made case to bmwna, sorry. My wife was the detective who found some contact info for me. I had a run-flat issue on my E90 a few years back. I had purchased tire coverage on new car. At my FIRST one year inspection BMW Sudbury said they couldn't inspect my car because it would fail safety due to tyre wear ( 13k miles on a brand new car!!!). And there was nothing I could do about it even though I had tire insurance, I was absolutely furious. Ultimately i wrote BMWNA and got full set of new tires and install costs covered. But BMW Sudbury ( which was foreign motor west) initially fought me pretty good

I agree that you should try herb chamber first, but start searching for BMW NA contact info so you can contact them in the (likely) event herb chambers tells you to "talk to the hand". Like I wrote earlier, if you think you are in the right, don't give up

Good luck
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