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Oil level 3 weeks after oil change.

Hello everyone,

So approx 3 weeks ago I had my oil changed at my local crappy a** BMW dealer. This was a service I requested and paid to have done after the break in period. Yes I know I didn't need it but it gave me piece of mind especially sense I was going to be modding after this fresh oil change.

Sense the oil change I've installed jb4 and a down pipe and driven about 800 miles. When I left the dealership my oil level was reading at the max level line according to the electronic computer (hate we don't have dip sticks). A couple days ago I checked the oil level and it had dropped a bit from the max line maybe like half an inch. I looked under the car and looked like maybe the oil had been dripping a bit on the plastic splash guard. So my guess was that they forgot the crush washer when they reinstalled the drain bolt. Because while I know the oil level may drop over time it shouldn't drop that noticeable about in only 3 weeks and 800 miles later. The car has about 2500 miles now.

Needless to say it was quite a chore to try to get the dealer to understand I wasn't saying that the amount of oil in the car was not sufficient just that I didn't believe in 3 weeks it should have dropped that noticeably. I'm in Spain so there's a language barrier and also in Europe they don't really cater to the customer when it comes to service. They couldn't understand when I tried to describe maybe the washer had not been installed around the oil drain bolt and so it might be a very slow leak.

Another reason this does not seem right to me is because I borrowed my parents 335i when I was back in the states on vacation. I drove it upwards of 5 weeks and put about 2500 miles on it and the oil level stayed at the max line. Also the whole time I was driving my car though break In anytime I looked at the oil it was always at te max level. They are saying they filled it to the max and once the oil circulates through the engine it will read a bit lower. Based off how my car read before the oil change and my parents car this just sounds like a bunch of bs to me. And I'm pretty sure it's not burning oil it's a brand new 2013. I've attached a pic of what the oil is reading now. 3 weeks snd 800 miles ago it read full like I said. Is this anything to worry about or am I just freaking over nothing? Anyone else oil level fluctuate a bit like this?