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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
I would check the oil level after driving the car for an hour or so. Often times after I change my oil and put in the proper amount 6.5 quarts(or 6.9L) the oil level will read low(just like in your photo) when the engine is warning up. IF I drive the car longer for 30 minutes to an hour... it will read full then.

Doing lots of short trips can also cause the oil level to read low.Short trips allow water/moister in the oil causing a false reading.
Thanks dack. Can always count on you buddy. A lot of my trips are short as I don't live far from work at all so ill just keep a close eye on it. Btw I'm planning to go to the welt 4.0 meet. I want a sticker but don't have a German bank acct to transfer the payment with as I'm in Spain Ora German address to have it sent to. Sense you know this guy any special way I can get payment to him and get one sent. Maybe through you or something.