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I disagree...

Originally Posted by IZAGLO View Post
I can not believe 128 drivers really feel here car is better than a 135i....maybe a little more reliable but damn, there is nothing it does better than the 135i, nothing, and looks wise does not compare either from any angle, front or back....I no we want to feel good about our cars but 128's are shall we say adequate....
No, the 128 is not a 'better car' than the 135, but it is the 'better car' for me. I think people sometimes confuse 'better car' and 'better car for me'.

I am willing to trade the performance for reliability, and pocket the difference. For me, the 128 does one thing better than the 135 --- it challenges me to get the most out of it.

But, had there been a 135 at the dealer instead of the 128 I bought, I might be telling a different tale.
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