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Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post

Just because yours didn't get noticed doesn't mean none of them will...

Way I see it: It's a decision each individual has to make for themselves - balancing the time/effort of removing/reinstalling vs possible consequences of it being found on the car.

At the end of the day, make your own decision but I just can't see how it's a good idea to recommend that someone take a warranty-voiding risk like that for no reason other than to save 30 minutes of effort - regardless of what you/I may or may not do...

It's like what Clarkson says about Alfas: He'd buy one himself but he'd never recommend one to a friend.
Have to disagree..

But each to their own... If you have to ask " if its a good idea to remove", then heck, just remove if you are that concerned about a tune being detected, whilst replacing a battery connector in the boot...

IMO, its a waste of time removing the tune.

I had the injectors replaced, and on a seperate occasion had the turbo sensors replaced, without removing the tune..

BUT, if it helps you sleep at night, go for it and remove the tune..