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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
very interesting. I sure hope this is a show car or just doing this for looks... I just can't understand increasing the front to rear stagger on this car when it comes to performance... it's just an invitation for terminal understeer.
These are my track shoes, and they worked really well yesterday at Laguna. All I was trying to do was run the widest possible tires without rubbing. Since the R888's run a little bigger than non-R-compound tires, I went with 255s up front. I may have been able to get away with 265s, but wanted to play it safe. Maybe next time. The car tended to oversteer on the stock stagger/config, so my theory was that my combo would help balance it out. I was happy with it yesterday. YMMV.

As for the rears, there's no way that I could have done 295s without rubbing on this wheel offset. I can post fitment pics, but it looked like the 285s were going to rub the wheel well lip under full compression. I consider myself really really lucky that there wasn't any rubbing at all yesterday. This pic shows how little room there is left in the rear.
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