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Originally Posted by mb135is View Post
Congrats! And I don't have the premium package, nor does my car have comfort access.
Interesting. You may be the only other person who has a 135is without the premium package, which I thought wasn't really worth my $2400 since I'd actually prefer the leatherette to the leather and only thing else in the package that really appealed to me was maybe the universal garage door opener.

As for the comfort access, it's not something I would pay the $500 for as a stand alone option as I'd rather just put the key in the ignition, but ya, it's weird, if you go on the bmw build your own website, it shows as a $0 option. The dealer didn't believe me and I forced him to choose that option and sure enough, it says, "N/C." He was worried that when the car arrives they'll try to charge me for it, so we'll see.

Your car has also tortured me as it's one of the few "is" models on here that there are many pics of as I've been struggling with choosing a color. Haven't seen one in space gray in person, though a local dealer has one in space gray with the oyster interior and poorly taken pictures on their website with the dealer prep still on, so hard to gauge. Would be interesting to see a Mineral Grey next to a Space Gray though.

Hope you're thoroughly enjoying yours, would love to hear what you think, and can't wait to have my own, similar one in the next couple of months. If only I could think of a good custom license plate. My 135i had 1FA KND, but alas, it's not available in California, so may think of some witty "is" version.