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Originally Posted by WhiteTgr135i View Post
I was at downtown Disney yesterday night. As i was leaving Downtown Disney, 4 teenaged girls (16-17 years old) came up to me, and the conversation went like this :

girl 1: Nice car, can you give me and my friends a ride?

me : Sorry, my car only seats 2 (took my back seats out).

girl 2: I'll suck your crome dome if you give us a ride, I'm serious...

me : Uh, I have a girlfriend, I'm good, thanks though.

girl 2 : I really will suck your crome dome if you give us a ride, please?

me : I gotta go.

girl 3 : Your car is sexy.

me : Thank you, later!

As i was driving away, i heard the girls yelling "your lose". Is this what society is coming too? Teen girls sucking co*k for rides? Gotta love hoes!