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Originally Posted by gregthegr8 View Post
Bet you can't wait to get yours. You still can get satellite though without the premium package, right? It's just that the premium package comes with a year of prepaid. Hmm. I just wanted the garage door opener rearview mirror and liked some of the other features of the tech package, though I agree, the navigation isn't that important. I think I'm spoiled though as I have navigation and MMI stuff in my S5, so want all the fixins, but like you, needed to keep it under $50k MSRP. Mine works out to $49,250, but dealer took $4k off, so I'm quite happy.

And don't worry, I will definitely be posting pics. I posted a bunch in another thread of the mineral grey 135is with coral red interior I went and test drove a couple of weeks ago. I may not post my pics til I get a nice tint put on it first...only thing I will do to the car.

I had the leatherette in my old 135i and honestly, nobody could even tell it wasn't real leather and that stuff is pretty indestructible. I know people with BMW leather who even told me to NOT get the leather cause it tends to really wear.

I still might change to space gray before all is said and done, but I did see a mineral grey after it had rained and it held up remarkably well, whereas the carbon black 135is looked trashed. I don't know how a titanium silver 135is would look, haven't been able to find any pics and my last 135i was silver, so figured I'd go a little darker. I think the contrast though of the black mirrors and grille slats with the space gray is the best. More subtle on the mineral grey.

Can't wait to join the exclusive "is" club. I went 2 years after getting my last 135i before I saw another one on the road, and imagine mine might be the only 135is I end up seeing out there. I like that...makes it special and unique before they butcher and ruin the car making it the 235i.
Titanium hides wear and dirt the best, but is also the most difficult to make really shine.

A-men on the 235i. No interest in choosing how the car drives; no interest in electric steering; no interest in fake engine noise coming from the speakers, etc...

I'm contemplating debadging. Can't imagine I'll see another -is anywhere, but you never know.

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