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Originally Posted by mb135is View Post
Titanium hides wear and dirt the best, but is also the most difficult to make really shine.

A-men on the 235i. No interest in choosing how the car drives; no interest in electric steering; no interest in fake engine noise coming from the speakers, etc...

I'm contemplating debadging. Can't imagine I'll see another -is anywhere, but you never know.
I agree with the titanium. There were times where I wasn't able to wash it for 2-3 weeks was somewhat embarrassed by how dirty it was and yet people would be like it looks so clean! Will see how mineral grey is. it seems to be hard to photograph and changes color so much depending on the lighting and whether in direct sun.

As for the 235i, wish I knew what it was going to look like, but having seen the redesigned 2013 M135i hatchback front, it's going to look something like that and is a travesty. I don't like what BMW is doing with the 2 and the 4 and everything just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more expensive. Having driven the new 3-sedan, too, I actually don't like how the new interior will look either cause it'll be perfectly symmetrical. I like the 135i asymmetry with the trim piece flowing from the passenger side over. The only things of interest on the 2 would be that it'll be offered in all-wheel drive and the new giant screens are nice, even if they look like someone smashed an ipad into the dash.

That's why I decided to just order a 135is now, even with 6 months left on my S5 lease. Don't know if there's even going to be a 2014 model as 2-series will start production in November, so who knows when the last time you could order a 135is pun intended. I had one of the first 1's and I may end up with one of the last. It's an almost perfect car, so just want to get exactly what I want while I know I still can.

Is it here yet?! Oh, by the way, did you tint your windows? Haven't seen any space gray or mineral grey "is" models with a nice tint on there. I know when I tinted my old 135i with a 30% all around, it completely changed the entire look and character of the car, going from just nice looking passenger car to mean SOB.

As for debadging, I'm normally not a fan, but will say it looks weird to me to see 135is. But, I also don't want to lose the "is" badging cause they'll be so rare. Would be like those guys with 328s who debadge it to try to fool people into thinking they had a 335. So, I'm definitely not. Just wish it had the special gauges like the 335is did. But, oh well. Can't have it all.