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Originally Posted by Rikx1M View Post
I installed the BMS LEDs and the trick to keeping that pile of spaghetti together and out of the way was to put velcro on the larger capaciter or resister, attach it to the middle of the cover going Rt > Lt on the left light and Lt > Rt on the right light, then leave a couple of wires disconnected from the light and small heat sink...put the cover on at the two tangs at the "bottom" and then plug the wires together and tuck into the inboard side...not outboard where the wires could interfere with the adaptive lights...I think BMS should have done a bit more R&D as all the wires and heavy little metal things are a PITA. Double check your seal with a mirror..

Let me know how your OCC goes as I'm still waiting to do mine...
Hey Rick, nice tip. I'm waiting for mine to be delivered as we speak and I'll put this to good use. Frank