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Ron Jeffries
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Smile Have 135is

Report: I have a 2013 135is convertible. I traded a 2007 335i convertible.

The 135 is smaller, feels more agile, and I'm sure it'll be faster when it loosens up. I really like the 7 speed DCT. The exhaust is very snarly.

I've driven the 3-series M and felt it was too much like a hammer, so I do not miss the 1M.

I hate the tiny back window but do not plan to back up all that much anyway. I miss the little red LEDs in the interior, and the cup holders. I am mightily pissed off not to get LED angel eyes, since there was a 2012? 1-series at the dealer that had them. Wonder if I can upgrade.

It does have an odd LED eyebrow over the lights. Small comfort.

I wonder why I got a convertible in February in Michigan but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

What else can I let you all know?