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Originally Posted by tapout2taxes View Post
Yeah so I'm so pissed at my CA now. Took way too long to get him to respond so I called for the manager and then he took a couple days to respond only to leave me a vague voicemail that said it will take at lease 25 days.

I asked for specifics and the response I got back was just vague. I am so frustrated that part of me wants to go to another dealer, I live in LA so there are options, and tell them to cancel my order and have it sent to another dealer so they don't get the sale. I will now need a rental for at least a week and I'm pissed.
Sorry to hear about that. That sucks. What dealer was this? The good news about living in LA is that there are like 15 BMW dealers within 30 miles. The bad news is, most tend to suck. I've had some bad experiences and have one on order, though took several dealers to just place an order as many seem unresponsive or drag their feet while you try to throw money at them. Best of luck and hope it gets here soon or perhaps exactly what you want is already out there sitting at another dealer.