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Originally Posted by tapout2taxes View Post
Bob Smith, they have the best location IMO to do fun test drives. Before I ordered my car we checked to see if any car was available with what I wanted and no dice. PS they did drag their feet on getting the order placed and getting it part of their allocation. I know that is one reason for the delay. That being said, while I am annoyed about the car not getting here on time I am PISSED that their communication is so terrible. Like you said I am trying to throw money at them the least they could do is be responsive. I find it hard to believe that they are selling tons of cars every day making it hard to be in communication with the buyers but what do I know.
South Bay BMW dragged their feet for a week getting back to me and then missed their allocations and said it'd be 3-4 weeks before they get more. Thanks, cost me a month on my order. I called Pacific BMW, they got me a great deal and the guy there actually seemed responsive and actively working to get me an allocation even though they didn't have any either. 3 days later, he had a spot and a build date in 2 weeks and took $4k off the price.

What did you end up ordering and more importantly, what does the 1-800 # say the status/location is at this point, though granted it's probably a couple days behind, but better than the website.