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Originally Posted by tapout2taxes View Post
Got a 135 with pretty much everything in white with black leather. Website and phone number say its off to the carrier at the port of exit. Not helpful at all. All I want to know is if it made it on the ship that left yesterday or if it is going to sit for another week. I honestly do not understand how their website or telephone number aren't 100% updated at least daily or current. I gave up and emailed my CA and told him to let me know if its on the boat or not, let's see if I get a response.

I got the price I wanted because when I ordered it I said "either way I am leaving today without a car so you can give it to me for what I want or I can call one of the other 5 dealers in the area and see who will do it for what I want. But I am giving you the first opportunity because you have been nice to me."
Good luck, hope it gets on the boat. You may want to parooze around cause you might be able to find a white with black leather. I know Bob Smith actually has a white with black leather in manual and Monrovia BMW has a loaded one in auto though it has one of the wood interiors. Century West has a white one though no other details and may even be a 135is. Most dealers seem to only stock white and black with an occasional blue.

Actually, check out Long Beach BMW - they have 3 135s in white with black leather, two DCT, 1 manual, seem pretty loaded, and they even have a 135is in white with black leather.

Having ordered a 135 before though, I know how frustrating the wait is and wanting to know exactly where that car is at any given second. Wish they could put a GPS thing in the car, or if you get the nav/tech package, just activate it and let us track it! Darn it!

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