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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Turkish member reco_53///M who had a built thread here changed his window trim from standard silver chrome to shadow line after buying the car from its first owner. I know this because his was the first 1M I saw in person when it arrived the show room around the time I ordered mine, it was silver. Many months after when he posted the car and its story he confirmed me via PM that his car was indeed the car I saw and I asked him how, it was silver trim etc. and he said he changed it after buying the car from original owner, probably at the BMW dealer. So, it is obviously very possible, contact him to learn how.

And, your car looks fantastic, BSM was my very close alternative to VO. Only issue seems to be that trim mismatch and for some reason the Revo diffuser didn't look to me as good as it stands out with other two colors. Wheels are perfection.
Thanks a mill, I will get in contact with him. Its really difficult to capture the carbon trim on black with my crappy photo skills, but agree with you, looks much different in reality.