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Originally Posted by MuNkY6913 View Post
stating the obvious prices isn't helping in any way, obviously you didnt get the sarcasm with paypal. nothing wrong with saving money. and with backorder the logistics dont really work out do they? i have an entire month or more to wait in which time someone could have posted here that they have some for sale. now that its up to 30 posts of your "dribbling" about what anyone can find on a google search, doubtful anyone is even going to look at this. getting tired of people clogging up everyones thread with there useless 2 cents, or how cheap they are being. this isn't one of the discussion threads. i made my intentions clear from my first post. i want to buy some down pipes if someone had some they wanted to get rid of. no one asked you how much they cost and where i can get them from. for sale /want to buy / for trade. if you are looking to do none of the above then why would you comment on it? alright, go ahead, post a few more comments about me getting but hurt. i see this happening alot getting real annoying. if your not going to buy it, sell it or trade it, Keep your mouth shut. no one cares. its not your buy, sell, or trade.
You still seem to have difficulty seeing that my initial intention for posting was to be helpful. I understand that it's good to try to save money, however, I didn't see much savings or rationale in this particular posting, assuming that the downpipes were currently available for purchase (I did not have the information that they are backordered). Many times, one can miss locating a cheaper online vendor and assume that brand new prices are higher as a result. I was using my own personal experience buying the VRSF downpipes to point you in the right direction. Yes, I can see you were being sarcastic and passive aggressive. Anyway, it's your thread so good luck and you're welcome for the free bumps. I'll go "dribble" somewhere else

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