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This was just a mock up so I didnt get any sound clips. Sorry. This was an off the shelf muffler they had so it might change on the production model. As soon as I can, I will post pictures and sound clips of the first production piece. They are making this exhaust (along with a single side/dual exhaust) because I have encouraged them to do so and said there would be a market for it. I told them other exhausts are expensive so they are trying to come in as low as possible. Most megan racing stuff is priced below their competitors while still maintaining the quality. I have never had any complaints on anything I have had of theirs on my car. I had their coilovers on my tracked AWD turbo talon, their downpipe on the same car, their strut bars on my WRX, and put lower control arms on a friend tracked civic without any issues. In fact, the coilovers were better than my Zeal coilovers on my Evo X...
I wanted to give them ideas on muffler tips so the production model would have the tips we want as a community and be ready for mass production sooner without having to change anything. With a company this large, making changes after they have started producing the item might be a little more difficult than changing it before hand. Ill poast updates here as soon as I have them. Thanks for looking!
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