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Originally Posted by andnkuhn View Post
I am really leaning towards getting a set of PSS for the summer. I have RFT, which i used this winter in northern VA with few issues.

relatively speaking, which tires the RFT or the PSS is "Better" for cold weather or snow?

I'm wondering if i can use RFTs in the winter because we get very little snow here.
Neither one is really designed for cold weather or snow. I drive my car very little in the winter...only if I have to and never in snow. Technically, the PSS (And the run-flats) are summer performance tires...but I can tell you the PSS is great in the rain and better than the run-flats.

Sure, you can drive either tire in the snow, I would not recommend it unless you're in a giant parking lot practicing your drifting skills. Plus, some would argue (Though I haven't experienced it) that you will wear a summer tire quicker by driving on it in the cold...
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