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Originally Posted by Nugget View Post
Awesome, going by his thread it was a well modified car.
Interested in your thoughts on the Harness bar.
I haven't had a chance to use it and I don't even have a harness yet but I'm definitely looking to get one for the next time I go to the track.

It's very solid and it looks pretty perfect for a harness set up, definitely better than hooking it up to the child seat anchor anyway.

From the brief look I had around in it, it requires some unreversable modification to fit the cage. 2 holes need to be cut in the boot lining for the rear strut bar and 2 holes and some padding needs to be removed for the hoop behind the seats. Those 2 items are bolted in there pretty securely but the rest of the cage like the X-brace and the harness bar can be removed pretty easily to allow use of the rear seats.

If you want, I can take some closer pictures of it for you.